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Door Systems

Industrial rolling shutters, goods receipt of the factory or warehouse, output, installation, doors were used in order to ensure a long life s r circulation in the discharge point. Thanks to the double walls forming the body of the rolling shutter stretch and wind resistance is moved to the top level. Again, thanks to double-wall sound and heat insulation provides the highest level. Rolling shutter systems are collected in rolls at the top of the upward part below. If the beams are mounted beam current unoccupied place on the forehead or the back of the net can be used as beams and doorways. Rolling shutter systems, factories, warehouses, or buildings can be produced in accordance with the transition range and altitude. Rolling shutter systems, standard (White 9010), (Gray 9006), (1015 cream) panels which are in color. Building facade according to applied different colors. According also to the details of the areas to be applied, can be used with different winding shapes. Rolling Shutters standard buttons, manual pull-chain type, radar, photocell, or applied as a remote control.

Residential, commercial and other structures that have become an integral part of the shutter systems, the show changes through innovation brought about by advances in technology, adds additional functions and achieve different looks, so to past uses new ones. Today reason for the need for shutter systems can be summarized as follows; Sun Protection, Thermal isolation, sound insulation, security (residential, commercial), privacy, aesthetic value. Blinds every home style, they provide security and protection from the sun. These are in addition to your room shading or alternative offers total privacy to any place you want. To protect your home during the cold winter months, the summer will reduce the heat and warmth of the sun. Shutters also provide greatly reduce the noise from the outside. ist manually, whether motorized shutter systems has become an indispensable part of our living space.