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Door Systems

Decorative Sectional Doors

Value you give your car, offered to you by our company aesthetics, quality and shall be secured with high functionality of the sectional doors. Preferred because of the overhead door of the garage door, door knocks and show strength is not the most aesthetic in the classroom.

Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial rolling shutters, goods receipt of the factory or warehouse, output, loading, unloading point that is used to provide circulation are the doors with a very long life. Thanks to the double walls forming the body of the rolling shutter stretch and wind resistance is moved to the top level. Again, thanks to double-wall sound and heat insulation provides the highest level. Rolling shutter systems are collected in rolls at the top of the upward part below. If the beams are mounted beam current unoccupied place on the forehead or the back of the net can be used as beams and doorways.

Rolling shutter systems, factory, warehouse or building in the transition range and can be produced according to yüksekliş. Rolling shutter systems, standard (White 9010), (Gray 9006), (1015 cream) panels which are in color. Building facade according to applied different colors. According also to the details of the areas to be applied, can be used with different winding shapes. Rolling Shutters standard buttons, manual pull-chain type, radar, photocell, or applied as a remote control.