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Door Systems

Our barrier system is designed to be suitable to work very often. Car input-output density is used to provide secure and controlled access to places with more. Our barrier system on or off all kinds of public car park entrance, factories, housing, the apartment-type of site specific building yard and the parking lot entrance, airport, bus terminal, such as public crowded places, control is the most suitable system to ensure that the transition often. Our barrier systems are products with European quality standards. Our system as standard; engine control unit, safety photocells, flasher lamps, remote control, is applied in the receiver card kit.

All kinds of our transition barrier system or encrypted card, any number of remote controls, many features such as push-button control can be added. Our barrier system, 300cm - 600cm in length with handle is durable stainless body of the outside conditions are suitable for frequent opening and closing. 300cm'lik barrier opens in 3-4 sec. Because it is short-lived faster and longer. Our 600cm'lik barrier opens in approximately 8-9 seconds. Faster barrier is dangerous and against the standards.